Services Offered

Pre-assessment is required for any of these services to determine client-treatment match, based on the child’s need and ability. A child’s appropriateness for dyadic work (working in pairs with a child of similar age and ability) will depend on whether there are safety concerns (e.g., running away, severe aggression) and ability to cooperate and participate without needing 1:1 adult attention.​ Contact us for more information.

Toddler Intervention (ages 2-4 years)

At our Centre, your toddler will work with an Instructor Therapist (IT) individually or in dyads during weekly sessions. Target skills and number of hours will be determined through formal assessment and based on parent goals. Parents may choose to have their child attend from one or more days per week. The parent(s) (and/or grandparents, or other caregivers) will be individually trained by a Senior Therapist (weekly or bi-weekly) to teach their toddler communication and other foundational language and play skills and to learn how to manage behavioural challenges.


School-age Intervention (ages 5-12 years)

At our Centre, your school-age child will work with an Instructor Therapist (IT) individually or in dyads during weekly 3-hour or 6-hour sessions. Parents may choose to have their child attend for one or more days per week. Curriculum assessment and parent goals will determine the specific target skills. The parent(s) (and/or grandparents, or other caregivers) will be individually trained by a Senior Therapist (weekly or bi-weekly) to teach their child appropriate communication, how to manage behavioural challenges and other goals requested by the family.


Home-based Parent Training (all ages)

We use a mediator training model to train parents/caregivers in the home on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Families will be trained in using ABA strategies to work effectively with their child or teen on targeted skills identified by the family, such as skill building and/or behaviour management.


ABA Parent Training Courses (all ages)

In our Centre, parents (and/or other caregivers) will attend weekly group sessions. Three or four (3-4) families will be trained in using ABA principles and practices to effectively teach their child skills or to manage challenging behaviour. Each course will be designed to meet specific child needs, therefore the length of each course may vary from 4-8 weeks. Course topics could include: Basics of ABA; Learning Readiness; Teaching Requesting; Augmentative Communication; Managing Child Behaviour; Sleep Disorders; Eating Disorders; Toileting; Teaching Self-care; Teaching Imitation; Observational Learning; Teaching Academics.


Group programs for school-age children with high language abilities 

The following courses are evidence-based programs – research has shown them to be effective. These courses will be offered when there are a sufficient number of families interested in participating. Group composition will be based on similar age and child/teen need. All courses involve a behavioural skills training (BST) approach to teaching skills. Weekly homework is an integral part of all the courses to promote the use of skills outside of sessions. Click here to see course fees.


  • Facing Your Fears® (ages 8-12): This 14-week program (1.5 hrs per week) was designed and researched by Dr. Judy Reaven (2011) to help children with ASD reduce and manage their anxiety (e.g., social fears, specific phobias). Each course involves 4-5 families. Parent(s) participate in all course sessions with opportunities to share challenges and successes with other parents and to practice skills with their own children. 

  • Facing Your Fears® (ages 13-17): The Facing Your Fears© course has been adapted for teens making it more age-appropriate and will still involve parents in 14 weekly sessions (1.5 hours per week). 

  • Children’s Friendship Training® (ages 8-12):  This 12-week program (1 hour per week) was developed by Dr. Fred Frankel and Robert Myatt (2003) to teach peer relationship skills and how to build friendships. It is not specific for those with ASD. Each session will have 6 to 8 children, and the parent training sessions will occur concurrently. 

  • PEERS Social Skills for Teens® (ages 13-17): This 14-week course (1.5 hours per week) was developed by     Dr. Elizabeth Laugeson (2014) to teach peer relationship and friendship skills to teens with ASD. Each session will have 6 to 8 teens, with the parent training sessions occurring concurrently. 

Transition to Adulthood Services
  • Individual Counselling for Parents and Young Adults with ASD: We use Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) models to work with children, teens, young adults and parents, on any challenges associated with growing and developing. 

  • My Life as an Epic Win© course: This 12-week course (2 hours per week) developed by Dr. Rebecca Ward, provides group training for up to 8 young adults and their parents. Adolescents will develop skills to help them take consistent and committed actions in areas of life that matter to them: career; education; relationships; and independence. Each session has both joint and separate parent and adolescent components each week.  

ASD Diagnostic Services

Dr. Rebecca Ward is a registered psychologist who conducts diagnostic assessments for children and teens suspected of having ASD. Contact us for more information.


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